Audio Tracks

These tracks provide a recording of each student piece, an accompanying duet part, and then the student part together with the duet. So far, tracks are available for the first 17 pieces in the book. Download them and use them with your students now!

  • A Guide for Getting Started with Keys at Play, Book 1

    Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the Keys at Play approach!

  • Grand Staff Sticky Notes

    Use this PDF to custom print your own Grand Staff Sticky Notes! Stick one inside your student's book and draw notes on the staff as they learn new notes.

  • Checklist for Keys at Play, Book 1

    This checklist is especially for those who purchased the book early on, before I added the creative prompts in the corner. Use this checklist to track as your students master and change each piece!

  • List of Keyalities & Tonalities in KAP, Book 1

    By popular request: here is a list of keyalities and tonalities for all 88 pieces in Keys at Play, Book 1. I hope this will be a useful resource, especially in the meantime until I finish composing, recording, and notating duets for the Teacher Guide book!

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Webinar Replay Video: A Walk-Through of Keys at Play, Book 1

Another Walk-Through of Keys at Play, Book 1